How To Message my doctor through the Mayo Clinic patient portal?

Obtaining answers to your important health questions or conveying updates on your conditions often required playing endless rounds of phone tag with doctors’ offices. However, Mayo Clinic patients now have a direct channel to their providers via secure messaging on the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal. The portal’s messaging features enable you to send non-urgent inquiries … Read more

Requesting a Prescription Refill through the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

Keeping up with needed prescription medications often feels like a full-time job – meticulously tracking remaining refill quantities, losing bottles, arranging trips or calls to your pharmacy. However, Mayo Clinic patients can streamline that refill process using the convenience of the Mayo Clinic’s online patient portal. The portal’s prescription management features let you review current … Read more

Schedule an appointment through the Mayo Clinic patient portal.

Learn how to conveniently book appointments online through the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal. The portal allows you to search available times at clinics across Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and beyond. Easily schedule office visits, procedures, therapies, and more with any department or specialist via the portal’s user-friendly interface. Get step-by-step instructions on finding openings that fit … Read more