Requesting a Prescription Refill through the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

Keeping up with needed prescription medications often feels like a full-time job – meticulously tracking remaining refill quantities, losing bottles, arranging trips or calls to your pharmacy. However, Mayo Clinic patients can streamline that refill process using the convenience of the Mayo Clinic’s online patient portal.

The portal’s prescription management features let you review current medications prescribed by Mayo providers. When any prescription nears its refill threshold, you can directly request more from the prescribing Mayo doctor through the portal. Submitted refill asks link right to your Mayo electronic medical records, helping ensure accuracy, prevent potential harmful interactions with other meds, and reinforce continuity of care from your Mayo team.

Once the doctor approves the requested amount and additional refills, notifications come right back through the portal alongside a legal prescription ready for pick up at your preferred pharmacy. The portal even lets you change the designated pharmacy anytime. Automated prescription expiration alerts also help you stay up-to-date.

With its prescription refill functionalities, the portal reduces hassle and taps into physician guidance to safely renew your critical Mayo Clinic-prescribed medications. Read on to understand the full process from request to pick up assisted by portal conveniences.

Prescription Refill through the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

Before you begin:

Step By Step Guide

  1. Log in to your patient portal account.
  2. Navigate to the “Medications” section.
  3. Locate the medication you need refilled.
  4. Click on the “Refill Request” option, if available. This option might vary depending on your medication and provider’s preferences.
  5. If the refill request option is unavailable, proceed to “Messages” or “Secure Messaging” (depending on terminology used).
  6. Choose your prescribing provider and start a new message.
  7. Clearly state your request for a refill of your specific medication. You can mention the dosage and quantity needed for clarity.
  8. Review your message and ensure all information is correct.
  9. Send the message to your provider.

Additional Tips:

  • Check refill eligibility: Some medications might have limitations on refills through the portal. Contact your provider if unsure.
  • Review your refill history: The portal might show past refills and provide insights on remaining refills.
  • Allow adequate processing time: Allow a few business days for your provider to review and process your request.
  • Consider contacting your pharmacy: You can sometimes request refills directly from your pharmacy, but confirm their process to avoid confusion.


  • This is for non-urgent refills. Contact your provider directly for urgent medication needs or concerns.
  • The portal might have slight variations in navigation depending on your specific account and settings.
  • Always double-check your medication information and dosage for accuracy.

I hope this simplifies the process of requesting prescription refills through the Mayo Clinic patient portal!

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